Impending Dangers of Birthmarks

Being the largest organ of our body, the skin performs many crucial bodily functions.

However, people all over the world suffer from skin disorders arising due to a birthmark that may almost seem harmless to us.

A birthmark is an uncharacteristic coloration of the skin. It appears right at the time of birth or might surface in the coming weeks after a baby is born. Though majority of the birthmarks are not malignant, the baby should be examined by a skin care specialist as soon as the birthmark is noticed or developed.

Remember that regular pigmented moles/Nevi are not a risk factor unless there are symptoms of itching, bleeding or a change in their size, shape and color. Then there are vascular birthmarks known as mascular stains that do not need any treatment. Nevertheless, it is better to get any kind of birthmark checked from a skin specialist.

Let’s find out about the birthmarks that pose danger to our body…

1. Arteriovenous Malformations or AVMs-

An AVM is the result of an abnormal linking of the arteries and veins wherein the arterial blood is directed to the veins. The AVMs are normally present in neonates at the time of birth, but they are noticeable in adulthood due to different stimuli such as pregnancy, trauma or puberty. Usual symptoms of AVMs are overgrowth of the said part of the body, pain, minor bleeding and cardiac failure.

The treatment includes a blend of embolization and surgical excision for relief and must be done by an experienced skin care surgeon only.

2. Hemangiomas

When many minute blood vessels club together, they form hemangiomas that can have varying levels of acuteness. This kind of birthmark can develop into a larger form with great speed till the child completes one year of age. Hence it requires immediate treatment. Hemangiomas can be divided into- Strawberry hemangiomas and Cavernous hemangiomas.

Hemangiomas can cause obstacles in major bodily functions such as seeing, hearing, eating or defecation.

There are numerous treatments for hemangiomas such as corticosteroid medication, laser treatment, or surgery. Each kind of treatment has its own set of risk factors. Nonetheless, hemangiomas should not be taken lightly and resolved soon.

3. Port-wine stains

The nonstandard development of capillaries can lead to port-wine stains. It looks like a leveled- pink, purple or red-colored birthmark and can be found on the face, arms, legs or trunk of a person. Port-wine stains on eyelids can result in glaucoma. Presently, laser treatment is considered to be very effective for treating this without harming the surrounding skin.

To sum up the discussion, it can be inferred that a birthmark should not be ignored just because it is painless and appears as a small discolored patch. Most of the times, it might not turn out to be dangerous. However, it is recommended that you get it scrutinized from a skin care consultant for any possible risk from the ones stated above and avoid self-diagnosis. You can contact birthmark specialist to learn more about birthmark and he or she will advice you on best way to deal with them.