The Effects Of Social Media Addiction

The popularity of social media networks has really increased over the past few years. This is probably due to the increased number of college and university students as well as young teenagers who are using these platforms to get global access. Nowadays, social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have become a powerful tool for everyone. The harsh truth is social media is really affecting the concentration of young people, especially college students.

The students are usually the number victims of these sites because they are studying and looking for learning materials online. This makes them to get attracted to social media to kill boredom in their study time, diverting their concentration from their study work. Social media addiction affects concentration in many ways including:

Diverts attention- Nowadays, people rely more on the information that they read from the internet, especially from social media networks. This means that their ability to learn or research has reduced greatly. Have you ever found yourself in a situation whereby you are talking to someone who is busy tweeting? It is really annoying especially if you are having a conversion with your senior and you are busy social networking.

Students who login to social media networks when they are in class end up losing their concentration. This leads to bad performance in their exams, and concentration to study properly.

Reduction in real human contact

Social media addicts spend most of their time online socializing, this means that they spend less time socializing in person with others. You may not see it but this

students at a further education college

behavior kills your communication skills. If you do not do something, soon it will be very difficult for you to socialize well in person with others. As a matter of fact, many employers are having difficulties with the communication skills of fresh graduates due to social media addiction. Proper communication skills are very important in the real world, especially in the corporate world.

Reduce creative writing skills

– Many people usually use shortened forms or words or slang words when chatting or conversing on social media networks. This behavior affects their concentration as it becomes very hard for them to write correct English. They rely more on the computer spelling check feature to an extent that they can’t spell any word correctly without checking. This reduces their creative writing skills as well as their command over the language.


– People who get involved in social networking while doing other things result in reduction in their concentration. Studies show that human brains do not have the capability to concentrate fully on two things at the same time. This means that your brain will switch from one activity to another. Closing out your Twitter feed can really help you to concentrate on whatever you were doing before you logged in to Twitter.

The truth is social media networks are addictive and should be avoided at all cost when you want to do something important. Students should also be advised to stay away from these sites when they are studying or doing a research.