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The Effects Of Social Media Addiction

The popularity of social media networks has really increased over the past few years. This is probably due to the increased number of college and university students as well as young teenagers who are using these platforms to get global access. Nowadays, social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have become a powerful tool for everyone. The harsh truth is social media is really affecting the concentration of young people, especially college students.

The students are usually the number victims of these sites because they are studying and looking for learning materials online. This makes them to get attracted to social media to kill boredom in their study time, diverting their concentration from their study work. Social media addiction affects concentration in many ways including:

Diverts attention- Nowadays, people rely more on the information that they read from the internet, especially from social media networks. This means that their ability to learn or research has reduced greatly. Have you ever found yourself in a situation whereby you are talking to someone who is busy tweeting? It is really annoying especially if you are having a conversion with your senior and you are busy social networking.

Students who login to social media networks when they are in class end up losing their concentration. This leads to bad performance in their exams, and concentration to study properly.

Reduction in real human contact

Social media addicts spend most of their time online socializing, this means that they spend less time socializing in person with others. You may not see it but this

students at a further education college

behavior kills your communication skills. If you do not do something, soon it will be very difficult for you to socialize well in person with others. As a matter of fact, many employers are having difficulties with the communication skills of fresh graduates due to social media addiction. Proper communication skills are very important in the real world, especially in the corporate world.

Reduce creative writing skills

– Many people usually use shortened forms or words or slang words when chatting or conversing on social media networks. This behavior affects their concentration as it becomes very hard for them to write correct English. They rely more on the computer spelling check feature to an extent that they can’t spell any word correctly without checking. This reduces their creative writing skills as well as their command over the language.


– People who get involved in social networking while doing other things result in reduction in their concentration. Studies show that human brains do not have the capability to concentrate fully on two things at the same time. This means that your brain will switch from one activity to another. Closing out your Twitter feed can really help you to concentrate on whatever you were doing before you logged in to Twitter.

The truth is social media networks are addictive and should be avoided at all cost when you want to do something important. Students should also be advised to stay away from these sites when they are studying or doing a research.



An Overview of Acute Bronchitis – What It Is, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Acute bronchitis is simply bronchial tubes inflammation, and a cough lasting over five days usually suggests this condition as a cause. In most cases, individuals suffering from recurrent acute bronchitis develop chronic bronchitis – defined as a cough, which occurs almost every day with production of sputum, which lasts between 2 months and 2 years in a row.


Causes of Acute Bronchitis

Viruses are the most common causes of this condition. Adenovirus, corona viruses, RSV, parainfluenza, and influenza are the primary genera, but several individuals develop mild symptoms quite often the viral genus is not determined.

Bacteria are not common the causative agents of this acute condition. However, some of its bacterial causes may include moraxella, mycoplasma, bordetella, streptococcus, Chlamydia pneumoniae, and haemophilus. Other irritants (for instance, smoke, tobacco, and chemicals just to mention a few) may also irritate the bronchi, which leads to acute bronchitis.

Symptoms of Acute Bronchitis

The most common symptom of this disease is coughing that starts in the early stages of the disease and often lasts 2 to 3 weeks as it subsides gradually. About 50% of people have a severe productive cough with either, greenish, yellow, clear, or blood tinged sputum that comes occasionally. The other acute bronchitis symptoms may include nasal congestion, fatigue, headache, sore throat, and muscle aches.

In addition, children may have mild fever, runny nose, and may also vomit or gag mucus. For example, if you experience shortness of breath, fever, chest pain or cyanosis, you likely have another health problem other than acute bronchitis.

How is it diagnosed?

Because this infection has several causes is usually self-limiting within 2 to 3 weeks and coughing is its main symptom, your doctor may diagnose you after checking your medical history and physical exam without additional tests. Where the specific cause of the infection needs to be identified or the diagnosis isn’t clear, such medical tests as throat cultures, chest X-rays, bronchoscopy, blood gas, influenza tests, sputum cytology, and even procalcitonin can be used to identify bacterial, viral and other causes or sources of the infection. In most cases, may patients may experience mild to moderate symptoms that can be treated for some days before an extensive workup is started.

Is there any treatment for acute bronchitis?

Supportive care such as reducing coughing, and bed rest are the common treatments of this medical condition. In most people, antibiotics can be used, especially if the infection is caused by viral or environmental factors. If you have wheezing with your cough, bronchodilators may be helpful. Perhaps the most common treatments are often directed at minimizing coughing symptoms with certain over-the-counter preparations that contain mucolytics and guaifenesin.

Moreover, certain home remedies can also used to minimize symptoms of acute bronchitis. For instance, breathing humidified air, avoiding dairy products, and staying well-hydrated by drinking many fluids. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they can easily interfere with some of the ingredients of certain medications.

Conclusively, keep in mind that antibiotics can only be used if you are in good health and don’t kill viruses. Normally your immune system clears the infection – which lasts at least 10 days to 20 days.

CoolSculpting for Double Chins with the CoolMini

It’s double the trouble with a double chin! You don’t have to get stuck with it, because now there’s a very cool way to get rid of the unwanted fat without surgery or needles. Introducing the CoolMini for Double Chin, a fat freezing technology that paves the way to a nice underchin.

What is CoolSculpting?


Men or women can benefit from this fat eliminating treatment. Unlike liposuction, CoolSculpting does not entail incisions and thus there are no surgical risks. It’s a breakthrough technology that presents individuals with the option for a non-invasive fat-reduction treatment. The CoolSculpting procedure is often achieved in a single session or two, and whether or not you need more than one depends upon the fat distribution in your chin area. There are many dermatologists in Orange County that can help you learn more about this process.

This medical treatment primarily involves using the CoolMini applicator on the underchin to perform what’s pertained to as cryolipolysis or the process of fat freezing. A special gel sheet is set in place to protect your skin while it takes place. The cosmetic procedure usually lasts for an hour and the treatment would be over quickly.

How Does the CoolMini for Double Chin Work?

The CoolMini system functions to pull underchin fat snugly into the cup of the applicator. It is proportionately curved and built to fit the smaller chin area and tuck perfectly beneath the double chin. Cold plates found on the cup on the hand piece is designed to reduce fat temperature down to its unique freezing point. This initiates fat cell breakdown and the process will continue further during the next 12 weeks. Eventually, the fat is bound to be eliminated by the natural sweep mechanism executed by the body.

CoolSculpting Results

Many are delighted with the process itself which is far from uncomfortable, along with the unmatched feeling of greatness upon finishing it, but not as great as the outcome of a beautiful chin!

You can see reformed underchin results in as little as 3 weeks, with final results quite visible between 3-4 months. Those who decide to have a repeat procedure would have a wait time of 8 weeks for the next session. It gradually works its way to a more contoured neck and reduced double chin appearance.

In merely a few months, the dreadful double chin you typically see in the mirror will disappear. That’s not the best part yet. Once gone, the fat stays gone! Cells are not shrunken during the treatment, rather they are destroyed and never to return. No wonder, hundreds of CoolMini treatments have been successfully performed. Consulting with the best dermatologist Orange County before, during and after your procedure is the best bet.

Post Treatment

Patients are not required to undertake any special steps upon completion of the treatment. You can expect a little numbness, redness, and possibly a bit of swelling or bruising, but are very minimal and nothing compared to the aftereffect.

Ideal Candidates

CoolSculpting is appropriate for nearly anyone with sufficient submental fat that could be drawn into the applicator. Like any medical procedure, it’s best to talk to your dermatologist about getting the CoolMini for Double Chin. They can perform an assessment and appropriately determine if you are a candidate, tell you all the information you need to know beforehand, and provide optimal guidance regarding this cosmetic treatment towards a new you!

How To Deal With Rashes on Your Skin

skin rashA skin rash is an abnormal change in the skin which affects its color, appearance and texture. It may affect one part of the body or even affect all the skin. Rashes cause the skin to itch, swell, be painful and become dry, cracked, and bumpy.

This condition is normally caused by skin inflammation resulting from a variety of causes. There are many types of skin rashes which include eczema, lichen planus, pityriasis rosea, and granuloma annulare.

Eczema is a common skin condition characterized by an inflamed, scaly, itchy and red skin. The condition is non-contagious and occurs in both adults and children. Its causes are not known, however, it tends to affect people with a family history of allergies.

Granuloma annulare is a chronic skin condition usually characterized by a circular-shaped rash with reddish bumps. This condition affects young adults and children mostly common in girls. Its cause is still unknown.

Lichen planus is another common skin condition which produces flat-topped bumps that are shiny on the skin with an angular shape and reddish-purple color. Though it can occur anywhere on the skin, it is mostly found on the insides of the ankles and wrists, the back, neck and lower legs. In rare cases, it may appear inside the mouth, nails, hair, and genital region. Though in most cases its cause is not known, it is often linked to Hepatitis C infection.

Pityriasis rosea is another common mild skin rash that begins with large and scaly, pink patches on the chest or back. The number and size of the spots usually vary accompanied with itching and redness. It is usually caused by a virus since the rash has a resemblance to certain viral illness.

What are the symptoms of skin rash?

Rashes last for about 5 to 20 days and their presence may aid diagnosis. Some of the most common signs and symptoms of rashes include:
-Skin redness
-Hair loss
-Brittle or split nails
-Dry and scaly skin that might become thick and leathery when scratched
-Rings of small, firm bumps over the backs of the forearms, feet, and hands
-Infection of the areas where skin is broken
-Formation of small fluid-filled blisters that ooze when scratched

How is skin rash diagnosed?

Diagnosis of skin rashes should take into account things like the appearance of the rashes, occupation, occurrence in other family members, what they have been exposed to, and other symptoms. A doctor might test a scaly or crusted area of the skin so as to rule out other infections and skin diseases. In most cases, the doctor diagnoses by looking at the skin but in some cases, a small bit may be taken from the affected area and sent to the lab for testing.

How is skin rash treated?

Atopic eczema can be treated with medications such as creams and ointments that help control swelling, itching, and redness of the skin. Treatment for granuloma annulare is often unnecessary unless for cosmetic reasons. Lichen planus cannot be cured; however, its symptoms can be treated using products that prevent itching. Mild cases of pityriasis rosea and even more severe cases can often go away without any treatment. However, exposure to sunlight may speed up the healing of sores.

Botox Review – How It Works And Its Benefits

botox syringe

Botox happens to be a tried and proven anti-aging solution when it comes to dealing with facial wrinkles, fine lines and even crow’s feet. In essence, this cosmetic procedure entails the injection of a bacterium known as botulinum type A. It works by temporarily freezing affected facial nerves and muscles, which smoothens and in some cases, eliminates of all the above listed facial problems.

In the year 2002, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared this cosmetic procedure as a viable temporary treatment for frown lines. While more recently in the year 2013, the same US federal agency approved the use of botox for dealing with crow’s feet. Crow’s feet for those who might perhaps be in the dark, are simply the wrinkles that begin to appear around the eyes as an individual ages.

They are believed to be triggered by repetitive muscular contractions over time through facial expressions such as frowning, squinting of eyes or even smiling. What all this FDA approval really means, is now, dermatologists can legally be able to perform this innovative cosmetic procedure on their patients.

Just exactly how does botox work as an anti-aging treatment?

Quite simply put, botox carries out its work by effectively blocking the facial nerves, which have been proven to contract the muscles found the face. Put in another way, this cosmetic procedure works by effecting temporary paralysis to the given muscles it is injected into. This state of affairs is in an excellent position of lasting up to three full months, before you need to undergo another similar procedure. Which goes a long way in smoothening virtually all kinds of facial wrinkles in a remarkably longer duration than most other alternative anti-aging solutions.

What are the benefits of botox?

The advantages of getting this one of a kind cosmetic procedure done on you transcend well beyond its primary utilization as an excellent anti-aging treatment. Botox injections have for quite a long time been linked with efficiently dealing with medical conditions like migraines, asthma, muscle spasms to name but a few.

However, like earlier noted its main appeal, totally lies in its exceptional anti-aging effects. This has over the years led to its been touted as the most practical replacement for the face lift surgical procedure by many experts. While more to the point, it has been comprehensively proven to temporarily do away with frown lines, nasolabial folds, wrinkles and the earlier mentioned crow’s feet.

This certainly means that should you be in any way affected by these facial issues, this amazing cosmetic treatment can be just what the doctor ordered. When it is performed appropriately, botox gives rise to a very decreased risk of adverse side effects. This is totally unlike most other anti-aging treatments currently available in the market. Nevertheless, you cannot afford to be lax on your overall safety and health.

So, you will have to do your homework well, and enlist the services of a skilled and experienced dermatologist. Such a skincare professional will then be able to perform this cosmetic treatment as is expected. This will naturally significantly minimize the risk of experiencing serious side effects of having this anti-aging procedure done inappropriately on you.

Impending Dangers of Birthmarks

Being the largest organ of our body, the skin performs many crucial bodily functions.

However, people all over the world suffer from skin disorders arising due to a birthmark that may almost seem harmless to us.

A birthmark is an uncharacteristic coloration of the skin. It appears right at the time of birth or might surface in the coming weeks after a baby is born. Though majority of the birthmarks are not malignant, the baby should be examined by a skin care specialist as soon as the birthmark is noticed or developed.

Remember that regular pigmented moles/Nevi are not a risk factor unless there are symptoms of itching, bleeding or a change in their size, shape and color. Then there are vascular birthmarks known as mascular stains that do not need any treatment. Nevertheless, it is better to get any kind of birthmark checked from a skin specialist.

Let’s find out about the birthmarks that pose danger to our body…

1. Arteriovenous Malformations or AVMs-

An AVM is the result of an abnormal linking of the arteries and veins wherein the arterial blood is directed to the veins. The AVMs are normally present in neonates at the time of birth, but they are noticeable in adulthood due to different stimuli such as pregnancy, trauma or puberty. Usual symptoms of AVMs are overgrowth of the said part of the body, pain, minor bleeding and cardiac failure.

The treatment includes a blend of embolization and surgical excision for relief and must be done by an experienced skin care surgeon only.

2. Hemangiomas

When many minute blood vessels club together, they form hemangiomas that can have varying levels of acuteness. This kind of birthmark can develop into a larger form with great speed till the child completes one year of age. Hence it requires immediate treatment. Hemangiomas can be divided into- Strawberry hemangiomas and Cavernous hemangiomas.

Hemangiomas can cause obstacles in major bodily functions such as seeing, hearing, eating or defecation.

There are numerous treatments for hemangiomas such as corticosteroid medication, laser treatment, or surgery. Each kind of treatment has its own set of risk factors. Nonetheless, hemangiomas should not be taken lightly and resolved soon.

3. Port-wine stains

The nonstandard development of capillaries can lead to port-wine stains. It looks like a leveled- pink, purple or red-colored birthmark and can be found on the face, arms, legs or trunk of a person. Port-wine stains on eyelids can result in glaucoma. Presently, laser treatment is considered to be very effective for treating this without harming the surrounding skin.

To sum up the discussion, it can be inferred that a birthmark should not be ignored just because it is painless and appears as a small discolored patch. Most of the times, it might not turn out to be dangerous. However, it is recommended that you get it scrutinized from a skin care consultant for any possible risk from the ones stated above and avoid self-diagnosis. You can contact birthmark specialist to learn more about birthmark and he or she will advice you on best way to deal with them.